vethathiri maharishi

vethathiri maharishi

vethathiri maharishi

Vethathiri Maharishi is World Peace Saint, Simplest Man, and Greatest Guru
Founder of World Community Service Center, Father of Simplified Yoga 
World Peace by Individual Peace and Wisdom
Manavalakkalai for Mind Peace - Yoga for Modern Age
1 Simplified yoga or Simplified physical exercises - cures all diseases gradually and completely
2 Kayakalpa yoga or Kayakalpam (siddha exercise) - improves immunity, memory and longevity
3 Simplified Meditation or Simplified Kundalini yoga - 
gives concentration, peace & freedom from anger, worry, bad habits
4 Personality Development courses (Manavalakkalai) - 
introspection with special meditations; improves quality of person
5 Scientific Spiritual Course (Brahma Gnanam) - explains god, enlightenment, salvation
6 Master Course (Arulnithi) to serve entire World Community for Peace
7 University Course (Vision Course) Phd, MPhil, MA, BA, Diploma - 
in Yoga, Meditation, Vethathiri thoughts for Human Excellence to attain Wisdom & World Peace

Vethathiriyam for World Peace - Vethathiri Maharishi Principles of Life
1. World Without War
2. Economic Justice
3. A Fair Judiciary
4. One World Federal Government
5. Reformation of Culture
6. Living under the Guidance of Intellectuals
7. Respecting Womanhood and giving Full Equal Rights
8. Living in Tune with the Law of Nature
9. Avoiding Unnecessary Rituals and Festivals
10. Sports to be made Non-commercial, and only for the Children
11. The Educational Curriculum to include Teaching the Law of Cause and Effect
12. Expounding the Philosophy of Magnetism
13. Food and water to be Available for each Person of the World
14. Universal Agreement on Truth (God) to Bring about One World Religion Acceptable by All.
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Yoga is a science of life to develop the sixth sense to its fullness and to equip man to enjoy peaceful life. 

yoga means merging of individual soul with universal soul (GOD).
Few Benefits of Simplified yoga or Simplified Physical Exercises
Important organs such as brain, heart, lungs, intestines are activated. Blood circulation gets regulated in all parts of the body. Arthritis and conditions where the upper limbs become numbed during rest are cured. It regulates the endocrine system and oxygenizes all the glands and organs. It ventilates the lungs, purifies the blood and increases the vital energy. It is a preventive for heart ailments. It cures pain in all part of the body. It is a curative and preventive for sciatica, arthritis, blood pressure, spinal pain and diabetes. It cures headache, insomnia, asthma and other bronchial troubles. It helps to correct defective eyesight by toning up the muscles around the eyes. prevents eye strain, itching and eye diseases. It regulates menstrual system.

This is not just an education or sports course, experience of Guru. you have to Practice regularly, Follow the rules, Help others as much as possible, as many as possible and get Away from ego, greed, anger, lust, illusion, sins, bad habits, narrow mind (laziness of mind) and laziness (stupidity of body).

Divine Protection
The GOD may protect me, guide me and lead me in all my activities, day and night, in all places and at all times
Auto Suggestion
By the Grace of GOD, I will enjoy good health, long life, enough wealth, prosperity, fame, wisdom and peace
Moral principle
I, in my lifetime, will not give pain to others physically or mentally
To the extent possible, I will remove the pain of others
Om shanthi, shanthi, shanthi
Peace in the self, peace in the environment, peace in the whole world.
Peace may blossom and prevail forever
May you and your family enjoy good health, long life, prosperity, fame, wisdom and peace
May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness, wisdom and peace
Let all the souls of the universe live in peace and harmony
Vazhga Vaiyagam Vazhga Vaiyagam Vazhga Valamudan
Yella Uyirgalum Inbutru Vazhga
Be blessed by the Divine

God is All _Hindu
God is Wisdom _ThiruValluvar
God is Ethics _Buddha
God is Love _Christ
God is Great _Islam
God is Grace _Vallalar
God is Truth _Gandhi
God is one, Mankind is one. God is one, wise men call it by different names _HINDU
Worship Creator, Not his Creations _ISLAM
GOD is in everything and Everything is in GOD _Vethathiri Maharishi
God created us, We created religions and difference _Vinothkumar Vethathiri
Addict to GOD and NEVER Addict to a religion _Vinothkumar Vethathiri
Arise, Awake, stop not till goal is reach. Vazhga Valamudan.

Many religion or saints say many ways to know god
countries are many, but world is one
languages are many, but wisdom is one
races are many, but mankind is one
religions are many,but god is one
Do good things as much as possible and as many as possible, Help people who suffer, who unable to do good to u. 
Help people to overcome their problems but u should not get any problem or disturbance, 
get away from stupid and idiot, selfish or narrow or negative minded people
Do yoga to perfect your body, Do meditation to perfect your mind, Join spiritual group to perfect your habits.
Vethathiri Maharishi has changed me as divine. when i become divine, 
he has attained samadhi. I helping others (as serving to my guru)

Arulnithi Vinothkumar Vethathiri

JEEVA Vazhga Valamudan


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